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Professional range hoods and induction cooktops

Airforce is a company made of people where the results in terms of innovative range hoods and induction cooktops are the offshoot of a constant and intense research. The study, the will to launch a style, the proposal of a Made in Fabriano even more advanced and concentrated on the choices of functionality, reliability, design and innovation.

An industrial management sustained by technology and strengthened by a strong cooperation, by a group, a team, aware of the difficulties of the global market, that interprets and sees this same difficulty as a challenge, and intends to be a leader in the industry.

Our sector is the one of the kitchen extractor hoods and for years we have been present on the main European markets and we are ready to set sails towards the new emerging markets.
Ready and present and thus in the evolution of the new designer cooker hoods, open to new frontiers of the market, where the center remains the family and the possibility to improve the quality of life itself.

Airforce is all Italian, in the same way it is very European, open to the world, but characterized and localized in a territory where the cooker hood was born in the '70s and from where it has become one of the most important household appliances throughout the world.

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