What is the best way to clean stainless steel extractor hood? Find out in our FAQ

What is the correct way to use a cooker hood? What products must be used for its cleaning? Find answers to frequently asked questions on the world of hobs and extractor hoods in our FAQs.

1) How long does the warranty last?

Unless otherwise indicated in the product documentation, our standard warranty lasts 2 years.

2) Which components are covered by the warranty?

All critical components such as control, motor and lights are covered by the warranty.
All components such as glasses, filters, bulbs, chimneys, removable parts and/or aesthetic defects reported after installation are excluded from the warranty (for any further information please refer to the warranty terms included in the product documentation).

3) When can I request the product replacement?

In order to obtain a complete replacement of kitchen extractor hoods and induction cooktops, the request must be filed within 1 week of the purchase of the product and it must not have been installed.

4) Which is the correct way of use of the hood?

The hood should always be in use when you are cooking.
To obtain the best performances and efficiency, and be sure to filter all the air, we suggest you to turn on the hood 5/10 minutes before start cooking, and switch if off only 10/15 minutes after you stop cooking.

5) Which products should I use to clean the hood/hob?

For cleaning use a damp cloth with denatured alcohol or neutral liquid detergents.
Do not use abrasive and/or aggressive products (for any further information please refer to the user manual).

7) How long does the grease filter last? And how can I clean it?

All our grease filters are washable. Cleaning the grease filters is more or less necessary depending on the type of cooking and how often you use the hood. However the grease filter should be cleaned at least once a month, with non-aggressive detergents, either manually or in a dishwasher at low temperatures and short-cycle. Most of our products with electronic control are equipped with a grease filter cleaning warning.

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