Aspira OnBoard Induction downdraft stove tops

The perfect combination of an induction hob and a downward exhaustion kitchen hood.

Products of line Aspira OnBoard

Aspira On Board is the perfect solution for those who want the best suction performance without giving up elegant lines wisely designed by the pencil of innovation.

Aspira On Board represents the completion of a range of induction cooktops with integrated suction.
The heart of this product is the powerful brushless motor positioned under the central grid, which allows to achieve the perfect balance between suction and design.
This is also thanks to the progressive inclination of the slats on the central grid, which have the purpose of improving aspiration.
The grid positioned approximately 1 millimeter below the level of the glass, allows to move the pans easily on the hob.
Like all Aspira products, the entire On Board range can be installed both in suction mode, with air outlet to the outside, and in filtering mode, with recirculation of purified air inside the home.
Today, a suction hood and induction hob merge into a single appliance, the perfect ally for those who want the ultimate in cooking and suction experience.


Conceived and developed to obtain the perfect symbiosis of a kitchen hood and an induction hob.


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