Induction hobs that integrate the controls of the hob and the kitchen hood.

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Induction hobs are the latest technology in the kitchen and offer many advantages over traditional hobs. 
They are in fact more energy efficient, safer, faster and more precise to use. In fact, with an induction hob, you can boil, fry or simmer with precision, and the heat is generated directly in the pot, 
not on the surface of the hob; for this reason they are much quicker to heat up and provide more precise temperature control than gas and electric hobs, all while using less energy than them, making them much more economical and environmentally friendly.
The range of Airforce induction hobs is available in 4 different product lines, SMART, INTEGRA, POP and FLEX, each consisting 
of models of different sizes and features, from 2 to 5 burners, 
so as to offer the perfect solution for every kitchen and for every cooking need.


Conceived and developed to obtain the perfect symbiosis of a kitchen hood and an induction hob.


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